Combined Wind and Solar Power

Windular Research and Technologies is a Canadian based organisation providing Alternative Energy Systems featuring a combined 10kW wind turbine and a 2kW solar PV array fitted with smart trackers that actively follow the sun and wind for maximum renewable power generating potential. The renewable energy can be generated individually or in a combined 12kW total potential.

How does it work?
In global locales, where grid-tied power outages are a common occurrence, the Windular system can easily provide energy supply reliability and security.  In many cases engineers can eliminate the requirement of grid power connections completely, by specifying the combined Wind & Solar system in lieu of traditional grid supplied power. For remote sites, the Windular system presents an effective method of deploying a wireless installation minus the power line construction costs.  From an operational standpoint, the turbine systems can drastically increase network up-time, while decreasing exposure to down-time.

The Windular combined 10kW wind turbine and 2kW Solar PV configuration
Our Solar Tracking Systems are especially developed to work in concert with our Turbine Systems.  This hybrid arrangement makes for a formidable and powerful alternative energy platform. These systems working together can absolutely maximize the revenue creating potential of your tower assets.

10kWTurbine for Self-Supporting Towers, Guyed Towers and Monopoles
The system is specifically engineered to be simply and efficiently implemented in the field. The design has been standardized to accept and accommodate various face dimensions of the tower and requires no field welding for installation. The implementation of our system can be easily completed by a qualified trained installation team in usually one day.


Mounted Solar Tracker

Our Solar Trackers are expertly engineered and reliable. These units automatically slew to the correct azimuth at dawn, and follow the bearing of the sun until sunset. This auto-function ensures maximum efficiency, winter or summer. These units mount anywhere on the tower stack although optimum placement is at the lowest areas just above the BTS cabinets and waveguide bridges.  These units will not impede on your valuable compound space and require no extra square footage of conventional real estate.