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Ditch the Diesel. Think Next-Gen. Think Hydrogen

Introducing the H2PowerBox – the game-changing solution for all your off-grid energy needs!

Say goodbye to diesel generators and embrace a sustainable and carbon-free future with our state-of-the-art power solution.

Experience safe, reliable, and sustainable power 24/7 with the H2PowerBox. This portable and compact energy source is designed to replace traditional diesel generators and is perfect for remote and off-grid locations. Its small footprint makes it easy to place on site, and its continuous power generation ensures that you always have access to the energy you need.

H2 Powerbox. Ditch Diesel. Think Next Gen. Think Hydrogen.

Not only is the H2PowerBox an environmentally friendly choice, but it is also a practical one. The device can be remotely monitored, so you can keep track of your energy usage and generation without leaving your desk. And with its sustainable power source, you can save money on fuel costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Join the movement towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with the H2PowerBox. Upgrade your energy solution today and experience the benefits of safe, reliable, and sustainable power.


Building Energy Independence

Windular has designed, developed, and implemented a solution using both wind and solar technologies.

Benefits and Features

  • Windular uses the existing tower asset to provide a long-term, renewable power solution.
  • Windular provides a robust 10KWs of “Smart Tracking” wind power.
Windular Wind and Solar Smart Tracking Technology
  • Windular’s 2.25 KWs of “Smart Tracking” solar power can be stacked to provide a total of 4.5 KWs of power.
  • Each system can work independently or in tandem, and can be adapted to any existing tower configuration.
  • Windular’s “Smart Trackin” is fully automated and self-powered with remote monitoring
  • The systems have a safe-mode feature built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Windular provides a long-term fixed cost for power while reducing the overall carbon footprint of the tower’s power load.
  • The Windular systems can fully integrate with all existing power systems to reduce or eliminate reliance on fossil fuel power sources
  • Both wind and solar systems use Windular’s “Smart Tracking” technology to circumnavigate the tower for optimum positioning.


Clean Energy Systems

  • Intelligent Building Materials
  • Innovative & Sustainable
  • Functional Self Powered Facilities
  • Clean Energy Management
  • Affordable & Scalable
  • Rapid Deployment Opportunities
EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Solar Panel
Modular Home & Solar Roof Technology

Modular Home & Solar Roof Technology

  • 66% Reduced Solar Panel Weight
  • Higher Performance
  • Higher Capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Double Roof
  • No Heavy Solar Racking
  • Extremely Durable
  • Efficient Installation
  • Panels are Scalable in Size
  • Homes can be Erected in 2-3 Days
  • Homes are Fire Retardant
  • Homes are Incredibly Strong

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