EHT – Clean Energy Systems



What intelligent solar engineering can do

Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp. with the symbol “EHT”delivers leading edge energy solutions. The Company delivers clean and renewable energy solutions having easy deployment and customization options. EHT offers the ability to combine and integrate solar energy, wind energy, battery storage technology, and energy efficient structures in a modular and customized solution.

EHT stands above its competitors by combining a full suite of solar PV, wind, battery storage and structural solutions, which can deliver and save energy 24 hours per day in small scale or large scale format. With their 90,000 square foot facility in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and their growing international footprint they are able to manufacture, distribute and install world leading energy solutions across the globe.

EHT Patented EnerTec Material

EHT’s patented EnerTec PV module is 1/3rd the weight of a standard module and can be mounted in a variety of ways. The EHT EnerTec modules do not require traditional solar PV racking reducing overall system weight and cost. This module is used for EHT’s solar car ports, stand-alone systems where light-weight modules are desired and as an active roof panel built directly into EHT’s modular structures.

All structures, from simple Solar PV Carports to large homes, commercial and industrial complexes can be constructed completely using EHT’s structural system. EHT’s EnerTec PV Module can be embedded directly into the roofing system of these structures if desired. Their experienced architects, technicians and construction teams design and build various structures and energy systems suited to the needs of the end-user. The structures are adaptable to different sizes and needs from temporary shelters to homes, industrial complexes, medical and food grade facilities and greenhouses. The medical grade facilities are exceptionally hygienic, easy to clean and are pest resistant as the materials are unattractive to rodents and insects. This material can also be used to build shipping containers for the shipping and trucking industries, as the material is durable, maintenance free and can be efficiently temperature regulated if required. The applications for EHT’s technology are limitless across a variety of industries and markets. With interior and exterior cladding options, the material can flexibly meet the exact demands of any project.

Lightweight Solar Panels

System Benefits:

• The roof becomes the solar panel
• Reduce carbon footprint
• Added insulation value
• Generate more energy per square meter
• Much easier install then traditional glass panels
• Durable and resistant to breakage versus traditional panels
• Custom sizes for custom applications

Solar Panel

Versus Conventional Solar Panels:

  • 66% Reduced Weight
  • Higher Performance (+5%)
  • Higher Capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Double Roof
  • No Heavy Costly Racking
  • High Durability