Windular – Building Energy Independence


Windular provides reliable, cost-efficient renewable power to the telecom tower industry, significantly reducing or eliminating its reliance on costly, dirty diesel fuel.

Windular has a state-of-the-art 10 kW wind and 2.25 kW solar tracking system designed for the global telecom tower industry.  Faced with ever-increasing operating costs and the push to expand connectivity into remote corners of the globe, and pressure to significantly reduce GHG emissions, mobile network operators (“MNOs”) are in need for an alternative to their reliance on costly, dirty diesel fuel. The traditional diesel-powered tower has become increasingly costly due largely to rising fuel costs and the logistics associated with fuel delivery, and generator maintenance and replacement to remote locations.  Windular’s technology provides the solution.

Windular’s systems are installed on existing tower assets thereby eliminating the need for additional infrastructure, permitting and land leases.  Windular’s unique rail and carriage system and proprietary power electronics allow its systems to circumnavigate the tower seeking out the most efficient renewable resources.  With smart-tracking technology, Windular’s systems achieve power production that’s unmatched by traditional ground/fixed-mounted applications and, more importantly, the systems are protected when weather conditions become too extreme.

Windular’s innovation enables Telecoms to harness wind and solar energy using their own tower assets.

10 KW Turbine System for Self- Supporting Towers, Guyed Towers, and Monopoles

Universal mounts allow the system to be placed on any section of the tower. The system is specifically engineered to be efficiently implemented in the field. The design has been standardized to accept and accommodate various face dimensions of the tower, whether it is a self-supporting tower that is three-legged or four-legged, a guyed tower or monopole structure.

Windular’s proprietary “Smart Tracking” system seeks out the optimal power generation location by circumnavigating the tower automatically. As important, the system is programmed with a unique protection feature to position the turbine away from periodic turbulent weather patterns that typically damage traditional pole-mounted wind turbines.

System Benefits
1. Reduce/remove the need for diesel/costly grid
2. Can be installed at any elevation on the tower
3. Reduce carbon footprint of tower
4. Increase backup generator longevity
5. Provides uninterrupted power while the
turbine operates & moves around the tower

Windular Wind Turbines

Tower Mounted 2.25 KW Solar Tracker

The solar unit automatically positions to the correct azimuth at dawn and follows the movement of the sun until sunset. This automatic function ensures maximum efficiency output of the panels. The unit can mount anywhere on the tower, although optimum placement is at the lowest area of the tower just above the BTS cabinets or shelters. The unit does not impede on telecom compound ground real estate. Using the tower also reduces the opportunity for solar panel theft.

Solar Tracker Features
1. Horizontal tracking to optimize the solar resource
2. Reduces the opportunity of solar panel theft
3. Remote monitoring & wireless control
4. Works in tandem with the wind turbine system

Windular Solar Technology