About GreenRen Power

CoverTel Telecommunications Group, a trusted and leading telecommunications company, has announced an exciting new direction in its business strategy. On September 1st, 2013, the company launched its new business division, CoverTel Power Pty Ltd, which is now known as GreenRen Power. A new business division that specializes in researching and developing alternative renewable energy solutions, with a primary focus on Hydrogen Fuel Cells. These exciting new technologies offer reliable and sustainable backup power supply, which is a critical need in many industries.

The launch of GreenRen Power marks a significant milestone in CoverTel’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By investing in Hydrogen Fuel Cells, GreenRen Power is at the forefront of developing sustainable and efficient power solutions that have the potential to transform the way we generate and use energy.

CoverTel recognizes the importance of investing in clean and green technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impact of climate change. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are an excellent example of this type of technology. They are highly efficient, with a much higher efficiency level than current backup power systems. Additionally, their annual operating costs can be up to 75% lower than current systems, making them a cost-effective solution for many industries.

GreenRen Power aims to become Australia’s most creditable supplier of;

  • Battery Energy Storage via innovative Flow Batteries including Vanadium and Zinc Bromine technology
  • Premium quality Hydrogen Fuel Cells for back-up power generation
  • Power generation using innovative combined Wind/ Solar PV technology
  • Remote On/Off grid and temporary constant Hybrid power solutions utilising any or all of the above
  • Electrolysers for Hydrogen production applications

Power generation and Hydrogen production applications include fixed indoor & fixed and mobile outdoor installations as well as customised and heavy duty fully containerised equipment solutions.

GreenRen Power;

  • Invests in Research & Development for ongoing enhancements in quality and efficiency
  • Creates custom built assemblies utilising alliances with 100% Australian owned partners where possible
  • Selects locally sourced components for balance of plant
  • Delivers Integration & Installation services
  • Performs maintenance and on-going support for all its projects
  • Continues to drive progress towards highest quality & efficiency 24/7 power generation solutions

GreenRen Power is aligned with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated Renewable Energy Solutions and intends to introduce new and innovative technology into Australia. By investing in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, GreenRen Power is working towards a more sustainable and reliable future for backup power. They are committed to finding solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and they recognize the potential of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in achieving these goals.

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