CoverTel returns from visit to Hydrogenics Toronto

In February 2014 CoverTel Power visited Mississuaga Toronto in Canada and met with Hydrogenics co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing to solidify its relationship with this global industry leader.

This milestone event witnessed 3 of CoverTel Power’s employees visiting Hydrogenics’ global head office for an intense 2 week training period, to learn about the PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology including each and every component that makes up an entire Hydrogen Fuel Cell indoor and outdoor assembly for stationary backup power. In addition the CoverTel Power team also learnt about the incredible innovations taking place around the world with associated Hydrogen Fuel based technology through Hydrogenics’ alliances with leading industry members around the world. Eventually this technology will find its way to Australia and CoverTel Power will be leading the field in introducing these developments into Australia and the surrounding region.

CoverTel Power is now poised to become Australia’s only wholly Australian owned systems integrator and assembly of PEM Fuel Cell Systems. We are committed to extensive and ongoing R&D to continue to improve and develop the products to suit Australian conditions. CoverTel Power is based in Melbourne with a key objective to source a large percentage of the sub-systems required to build the Fuel Cell systems from Australian sources. Key alliances will be developed with some of Australia’s key industry members and therefore Australian Industry at large will benefit from the growth of this technology.

CoverTel Power supplies PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems for stationery backup power from 2.5kW and above. In addition assemblies also include high quality backup power solutions for data centres of all sizes.
Watch this space closely for further soon to be released developments in Methanol & Natural Gas Reformers and Electrolysers.

Information for news editors:
John Iacovangelo, CEO, CoverTel Telecommunications
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