CoverTel Power Announcement

CoverTel is pleased to announce an exciting new development in its strategic direction.

As of the 1st of September 2013 CoverTel Communications Group launched its new business division CoverTel Power Pty Ltd.

CoverTel Power Pty Ltd is incorporated to undertake research & development in the emerging, exciting new technology of Hydrogen Fuel Cells as an alternative source of power supply. More specifically CoverTel Power will focus its initial activities in the field of Backup power supply with future developments in the fields of power generation and power storage. The current power size range of internal and external Fuel Cells for Backup Power is 2.5kW, 5kW, 8kW, 10kW and multiples thereof, with larger custom built systems able to independently generate and store hydrogen power.

CoverTel’s drive to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is aimed directly at the current inefficiencies and difficulties associated with Backup power provided by batteries, solar panels and diesel, or other powered generators.  In comparison Hydrogen Fuel Cells are clean and green, have a much higher efficiency level and have annual operating costs up to 75% lower than current systems. You may read more on the benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cells here.

Over time, we will keep you advised of further developments in this field and should you require additional information please feel free to contact our office on +61 3 9381 7888.

Information for news editors:
John Iacovangelo, CEO, CoverTel Telecommunications
Tel: 03 9381 7888