Hydrogen Fuel Cells Back up Power Generation

The Hydrogen Fuel cell is a complete Back up Power solution designed & configured to be installed in either indoor or outdoor applications for Telecom ,related networks & Building. Battery extenders use Hydrogen Fuel cell Techno-logy with fully integrated power management system & can be configured as either integrated or standalone systems.

The Hydrogen systems are ideal in environments where business continuity demands reliable power. They can be installed in parallel with batteries or with instant back up upgrade option allowing battery free power.

The Fuel Cells have a long life/low maintenance costs& deliver lower total cost of ownership. Scalability & modularity offers potential for easy growth path, together with optimized cooling reduces energy costs. Lower operation costs& remote monitoring ensures availability and keeps down site visits. Space, weight savings vs battery cabinets are very important especially for rooftop applications. The Fuel Cells have zero Emissions, it’s a green solution with no hazardous fuel spills.
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